How to buy

Please note: images of stock on our website are taken directly from our Facebook page. This means that stock pictured may be from previous sale weeks and could have already sold. See our Facebook for more info, or head in to store to view the full range of available stock. There’s always more in store than what is posted online!

Never pay retail again with Tender Disposals!

At Tenders, we try to keep the purchasing process as easy as possible.

Step 1 – head in to the store
Step 2 – take photos of the lot numbers on the items you’re interested in
Step 3 – let reception staff know the lot numbers, and they will give you the best price

It’s as easy as that!!

If you have the right transport, you’re welcome to collect straight away. If not, you’ll have 3 days to organise collection. While we ourselves don’t offer a delivery service, we do have some contact cards in store for local drivers that are happy to give quotes over the phone.

We will give you the best price in store, on the spot! If you’re happy with the price then the item is all yours! Due to recent circumstances, we are not currently accepting offers. Our suppliers are clearing through stock quicker than ever, so they have given us guidelines on reductions on items, so you will be given the best possible price straight away. Please keep in mind stock already on clearance or marked down cannot be further reduced.

Everything sold in store will incur our “BP”. BP stands for buyer’s premium, which is a 15% surcharge. Generally stock advertised online will already include the BP charge. When retailers purchase stock from a wholesaler, they add profit on top (anywhere from 50% – 100%, sometimes more!). When we sell stock on behalf of importers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, private sellers, etc, the BP on top is part of what pays us!

We accept cash, eftpos and credit card in store. Please keep in mind that credit card will incur a 1% surcharge on any purchases.

We are now happy to offer Afterpay AND Zip in store! If you sign up/download the app before coming in to store, you’ll be able to generate a barcode and we can process your purchase. Please keep in mind that conditions apply. Make sure you have your account set up and ready to go before coming in to store to avoid any disappointment!
Find out how they work and if you’re eligible at the following links: AfterpayZip

If you have any questions in regards to how the purchasing process works, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected], call the office on 3290 5300, or send us a private message on Facebook and we’ll assist however we can!

Note: Prices online, apply to physical stock that is available to purchase in store at the time and date of the advertisement. Due to market conditions, we cannot guarantee that similar, subsequent items will be available at the same price.